Water and Exercise - Your Ultimate Weight Loss Plans Can't Do Without Them!

In today's 'lose weight fast' craze there are many a product that claims to be able to do the job right. However, many of them have been proven to be more hype than real despite their high price tags. Surprisingly enough, two inexpensive items have been proven again and again to be the most effective components to successful weight loss - water and exercise.

Although a lot of people have used weight loss supplements and nutritional meal plans at certain points during their weight reduction plan, water and exercise are the essential components to the success they're longing for. Water and exercise are the most important fat burning elements and if used properly, they can help lose pounds very efficiently - all it takes for people to lose pounds is just increase their activity and water intake accordingly.

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However, water and exercise don't have dramatic results as claimed in the advertising by other products. They will induce slow and steady weight loss though. To tell the truth, this slow and steady weight loss is considered the best approach to weight loss as it drops a little bit of weight at a time in a gradual manner. This seems to be cherished by those who are after long term result as it is commonly known that the faster one loses, the faster one will gain - body weight, that is.

Want to know another piece of secret? Most of the weight loss supplements encourage users to ensure to drink plenty of water and keep up with their exercise programs when they're using their products. You know why? It's simply because water and exercise are a surefire way to take the pounds off regardless what products are being used. It's the water and exercise that do the trick, not the big time weight loss supplement as claimed in their advertisement.

Another big advantage of fully utilizing water and exercise to help with weight loss is the fact that when the body is well 'lubed' and functions efficiently, the body itself will carry on its 24/7 task of losing weight - even when you're sleeping. Water also helps to flush the waster products during weight loss out of the body; therefore, making sure to drink enough water during and after exercises will help the body remove all the by-products produced when the body is engaged in exercise. Hence the need for the reinforcement of water. Ever wonder why our body is more thirsty after exercise?

Another secret though: make sure to take 1/4 teaspoonful of celtic sea salt in the morning with an 8 oz glass of water and follow with at least another 7 glasses of pure and good quality water during the day. The exact amount of water to drink will depend on the body weight itself. This is another ancient secret from Traditional Chinese Medicine as it has a saying that goes: "Salt and water in the morning is like ginseng tonic; the same thing in the evening is like poison." Therefore, drink your glass of water with salt in the morning only, and never do it at other times of the day.

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