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There are many products and diet plans in the market place which promote the different ways to lose weight. There's the low carb diet, low fat diet, high protein diet, and the list goes on! With the promise of rapid and effective weight loss, many people wishing to shed off pounds are quick to embrace the latest fads and latest pills. And many are disillusioned after a while, because the products are not fulfilling their promises. They then get stuck in a mindset that losing weight is not possible and if it is, it cannot be permanent. There are however many effective ways to lose weight rapidly and naturally without losing too much sweat or spending too much money.

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Like in everything that you do to achieve success, to lose weight effectively starts with a mindset. To get yourself started, ask yourself motivating questions, like why do you want to lose weight. Do you want to look good? Do you want to feel good? Do you want to be healthy? And then ask yourself, why do you want all these benefits? Once you know the whys, you will automatically be driven to achieve your weight goals without too much pressure. The focus now is on the end benefits and not on the process. See yourself already slim and healthy.

Next, start to be aware of yourself and your surrounding. Know yourself and develop a coping strategy for a change in lifestyle. You can stick to many of your own food preferences but substitute them for the lower fat varieties. This increases your chance of sticking to it as you are less likely to think of this as dieting.

Exercise is key but it's important to pick up exercise that suits your fitness. Brisk walking is the easiest and is very effective. If you stick to a regular walking habit of two to three times a week for 30 minutes each time, this will go a long way to maintain your weight. Get into a habit of eating little and often. This allows the body to process the same amount of food more efficiently, resulting in a healthy and natural weight loss.

It is important that you remember not to eat before bedtime. Never skip breakfast. Eat a light carbo snack half hour before a meal, as this will fill you up.

It is useful to remember not to go shopping when you are hungry! There is a greater tendency to stock up on snacks under such condition. Eat off from smaller plates. Try not to drink water in between meals. If possible, let the food digest ten or fifteen minutes after your meal before you drink. Do not get too caught up with calorie counts of everything.

Take one step at a time, do not be self-defeated if you do not gain the weight loss that you want and you start to abandon all the little efforts. Try to develop strategies to cope with situations that do not sabatoge your efforts.

Set small goals often and enjoy each success. Over time, you will adopt a healthier eating habit and you will already be in your way to rapid and natural and permanent weight loss. And you do not need to be disillusioned again with new diet fads.

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